Live 2-day Virtual Program

Passive Doubling Program

Learn About Passive Doubling & How We're Scaling Our Wealth Portfolio Safely & Predictably , Even During Economic Uncertainties.


Last Session of the year:
25 & 26 Nov (Sat & Sun) , 10am - 3pm

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$1,997​ ​

Last Session of 2023:

$0​ (For One Session Only)

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$10​ +GST

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Attended by 4000+ graduates who have passively doubled their wealth in the last 5 years.


  • Step-by-step instructions to get your first Passive Doubling property with our 7 criteria — giving you assets that thrive through every crisis… even while everything else is going down

  • How to “jump your doubles” and accelerate your Passive Doubling journey — so you and your loved ones can start enjoying the fruit of your doubles even earlier than 20 years

  • A deep dive into each step of the Property Multiplier Loop so you acquire the exact knowledge you need to take your first step — with zero theory or fluff

  • A transparent view of how I grew my wealth from $447K to $15M, so you can see and model off my own Passive Doubling journey and results

What's Included:

  • LIVE 2-day Virtual Program Experience - We'll be teaching this program LIVE, so you'll be able to ask questions & see exactly how this works, step by step.

  • Our “Passive Doubling Property Picks” list - so you can see the exact properties we’re investing in ourselves.

  • Our “7 Criteria for picking Passive Doubling Property” - revealing exactly how we pick and acquire high-growth assets that thrive through every crisis.

  • The “Property Multiplier Loop Deep Dive” - step-by-step instructions on how to install Passive Doubling in your own life.

  • Special Bonus:

    After you attend the Whole Live Program, you’ll gain access to our "2023 Market Predictions" series - 5 videos packed with data-backed opportunities in this current climate.

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Live Virtual Program

Previously Sold At: $1,997

Last session of 2023: $0


I had no prior knowledge of property investing before this course. But after I trusted them and paid the course fee, they delivered exactly what they promised. In fact, they delivered way more (continued guidance, community, masterclasses).

It changed my beliefs entirely. Achieving financial freedom does not seem like a dream anymore. It is a goal now.


Really great experience through this course and very informative! Learnt so much even being a property agent myself for the past 8 years, this has been mind-blowing!

I’m very certain that the things that they have taught would work out and I’m looking to take action within the next few weeks!
Thank you I Quadrant!


I’ve always wondered how I can build a passive income.

It’s been a month since I got my first property and it never came across my mind that I will be able to own one. Very grateful to Shawn, Germaine & Ivan for kick starting this amazing journey for me.I’m already very excited and looking forward to get my second unit!


A really good program! I have attended many other property courses and find most of them not actionable. The I Quadrant is serious in their teaching and make their lessons actionable! I’m on my second property now! Onwards to my third!


Never have I thought that I’d be even thinking about property investment. Now here I am, going through a course and meeting some amazing people.


Have benefited from the course a lot! Learnt the basics of buying my first property soon!! The course drives me to get going to reach financial freedom step by step by the strong community that they have already built. They also have step by step guidance for newbie like me.


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